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Document scanning with an integrated software development kit (SDK) and application programming interface (API) for custom use cases


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Intsig is an online platform that promotes business productivity by availing apps and other forms of solutions like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), image processing, handwriting recognition and AI.

How it works

Intsig provides easy to use applications available for various mobile devices that computerize information access and management. These apps are convenient and versatile because they allow multiple languages and are compatible with android, IOS and windows.

Features and tools

Cam BankCard

The Cam Bankcard is a solutions tool for financial institutions like banks. It enables low effort scanning and reading of bank documents. It is proficient and error free as it uses OCR technology. When a user takes a picture, for example of a credit card using any mobile device, the software recognizes the data automatically.

The software is highly functional as it recognizes numerous kinds of bankcards internationally.

Cam Bizcard

It is suitable in providing sales CRM. Cam Bizcard enables users to save time by allowing them to simply export contacts to other apps, create an array of customized fields for various contacts or leads, and unify administration by handing over each licence to users in the organization. It also helps users to scan business cards in batches using mobile devices, use multiple OCR languages, use multiple languages, and sync data offline and on the mobile device.

Cam ID

It is a software that scans to extract data from IDs. It functions using Optical Character Recognition. It works automatically and securely stores extracted data. It is fast and easy to use therefore completes huge chunks of tasks at a go. It verifies guests visiting your building and compiles information from IDs in the shortest time.

It is helpful as it can recognize over 190 types of IDs, passports, DLs, and social security cards globally and is available in 55 languages.

It is accurate and works well even under conditions that seem unfavourable for example dim light, blurred images and less than straight camera angles.

Image Enhancement

This enables users to produce better-looking scans of images. You can edit images by correcting a tilt, removing or adjusting the back ground, inserting filters, or saving the image in the format of your preference. You can save the image as GIF, JPG, or PDF.

Cam Doc

It computerizes and scans papers, working with the scanning application to get rid of detected excess backgrounds in an automated fashion. It enhances scanned documents by improving clarity, colors, and brightness. It also allows for conversion of documents to other needed formats.


The Cam Bizcard is $7.99 monthly after 30 days of free trial. The Cam Scanner has a free basic account, a premium account going for $4.99 monthly, and a business version going for $6.99 monthly.


  • Easy to scan and share documents with others using it
  • Available free trial for the apps
  • Its OCR solution simplifies tasks


  • Low storage capacity
  • The unpaid version has distracting pop up ADs

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Color
  2. File Type
  3. Email Attachment

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Search
  2. Crop
  3. Direct Send
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