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Indeed is a global company and arguably the world number one job site. Their mission is to connect job seekers by giving them access to tens of thousands of jobs posted on Indeed. The site allows its users to post resumes, search for jobs, and research companies posting the jobs.

This allows the employees to understand better the company that they are looking forward to working for. Indeed has more than 250 million visitors monthly and gives millions of people a chance to connect to new opportunities.

Gone are the days when employees had to visit one office block to the next to look for employment. Nowadays, most companies prefer to hire staff electronically. Hiring through the web is less tedious and does not require a lot of resources.

Online recruitment is good for employees too, since they do not need to trek long miles to drop their CVs. A person looking for a job can apply for the position from the comfort of their living room wearing pajamas. This has also slashed down the costs since prospective employees don't need to print tons of paper, pay for mailing, or transport costs.

Indeed helps over 10,000 companies in their platform to make their recruitment easy by giving them access to over 175 million resumes uploaded on the platform. This allows the companies to have a massive pool of millions of potential employees looking to expand their careers.

Indeed is slightly different from other job sites. It essentially operates as a search engine for job seekers to search for millions of jobs. Unlike other sites, Indeed does not charge companies a standard fee. Their pricing model is pay-per-performance.

This helps to save companies tons of money by ensuring that the companies only pay when they get results. Another popular feature on Indeed is sponsored jobs. Sponsored jobs are job results that are highlighted in search results.

Sponsored jobs get higher visibility than free job listings. On average, sponsored jobs get at least 5X more clicks than free jobs. This helps companies get exposure to more potential employees, thus increasing their chances of getting quality employees who fit all their requirements.

Indeed works with more than 25,000 partner sites such as job boards, publishers, business information sites, publishers, and search engines. This includes websites such as,, and, amongst other major sites.

The vast exposure on many sites helps companies to get access to thousands of relevant potential employees apart from the millions that visit Indeed. Once jobs are posted, an interested candidate can click on the job, which takes them directly to the job description.

Once there, they can either apply on the company's career site or at Indeed, which then processes the applications and sends them by mail.

Pros of Indeed

  • Fantastic customer service
  • Most features are free of charge
  • It's easy to navigate and filter results

Cons of Indeed

  • Some features are available in premium option
  • Unqualified candidates can click on jobs, and the advertisers are charged.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Search Tools
  2. Payment
  3. Interoperability

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Customization
  2. Dashboards
  3. Reporting
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