Online distance education software for K-12 instructors that focuses on compliance features


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Edsby is a learning and analytics platform with design specifications for K-12 learners that helps parents, learners, and teachers in performing daily educational functions.

How it works

Edsby personalizes the learning experience for each learner and provides regional and national governments and school districts a platform to determine the effectiveness of educational objectives as well as content and curriculum. It is conveniently built with assessment and reporting features that suit the level of education of junior and elementary learners. It reduces the workload of teachers and enhances their efficiency in handling learners and daily school activities, programmes and lessons.

Features and tools

Modern assessment and reporting

It allows teachers to assess the retention of knowledge taught by students. Still using Edsby, they can send students’ reports to the parents. The feature unifies the teachers, learners, and parents as one entity making the school community. It acknowledges that they each contribute an important role to the learning and growth of learners and it only thrives to maintain this.

Gradebook tool

The gradebook feature is full of useful tools for teachers and learners. Teachers can receive submissions from learners electronically from edsby as well as from OneDrive, Microsoft, or Google drive. After getting learner submissions, they can assess them and record the results. Finally, they can report the grades to the office before sharing to parents and students, all in one platform.

This is a convenient tool for learners because it reduces the handling of exam papers. It is twice fold convenient for teachers because it eliminates the handling of papers for marking, and these are usually many from different classes of learners. It helps teachers to organize their work and prevents losing students’ exam sheets because they are submitted and stored online.

Aside from the above functionalities, teachers can also input evaluative comments on the papers that are submitted, weigh the learners’ grades, design rubrics, and align with performance to evaluate achievement of learning objectives.

The gradebook feature calculates distribution across the normal curve as well as averages as the teacher enters grades, eliminating the need to calculate using traditional tedious methods.

Online testing

This is a convenient provision in Edsby where educators can formulate online tests that come with automatic grading.

Observations and evidence

Teachers are able to observe learners and record their behaviour and learning experiences. They can use pictures notes and videos with this tool. It improves the quality of teaching to meet the needs of learners while involving parents.


The price for Edsby varies for different users depending on the features they want to use.


  • Has available online assignments for students which are automatically graded
  • Provides reliable communication tool for interaction between teachers and learners
  • It has free trial
  • Ease of use because of certain similarities to social media platforms


  • Works only on portrait mode
  • Gradebooks takes time getting used to and is not easy to use for new users
  • Customer service staff is low in ratio to the volume of Edsby users

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Analytics
  2. Dashboard
  3. Mobility

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Video Conferencing
  2. Gamification
  3. File Sharing
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Richmond Hill, Canada
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  • Analytics & other features: $
  • Base Subscription: $
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