A puzzle-based learning management solution that helps keeps students engaged through video lessons


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Edpuzzle is a cloud-based interactive video and formative platform for assessment that gives users the ability to crop videos and content to achieve specific learning objectives. Teachers and educators can use the videos on the platform's library or upload their own. Teachers can customize the videos with audio comments, embedded assessment questions, or voice-overs.

The platform allows teachers to control how the students learn by choosing the curriculum content and enhancing the student's ability to fast forward videos. With the platform, teachers are also able to set due dates for the assignments they assign to the students.

With Edpuzzle, the teacher is able to monitor the students' progress by viewing what each of his or her students scores over time. The teachers are also able to look at the amount of time the students took to complete an assignment.

Edpuzzle stores the student's data from embedded quizzes in the dashboard. The student's data can be exported easily from the dashboard to grading and course management systems. Teachers using Edpuzzle are able to share their techniques and creations in the community space. This allows them to share knowledge.

Edpuzzle helps teachers to address and pair videos with texts or voice-overs in the areas that they feel may need extra clarification. The use of voice-over help educators to emphasize the points that the students need to grasp. The feature also helps students to learn the pronunciation of different words.

Educators also use Edpuzzle to teach mathematics. Some concepts in mathematics need to be explained for the students to understand. Edpuzzle allows teachers to add voice-over and notes in math's to help students understand various concepts and mathematical laws. It can also help the teacher go in-depth and explain complicated mathematical principles instead of just demonstrating how it's done.

Edpuzzle helps educators to provide a variety of content by suggesting great videos from other sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, or TED talks. Apart from those options, teachers can choose videos directly from the Edpuzzle library that are organized and sorted by content.

Edpuzzle helps teachers and students to broaden their knowledge by offering them personalized learning certifications in topics such as diversity, digital citizenship, and inclusion. This platform increases the relevance of content and the depth of learning by allowing teachers and students to interact with the most impactful part of a video.

The platform works to improve creativity and critical thinking by allowing students and teachers to research, link, create, and share their videos.

Pros of Edpuzzle

  • It allows students to interact with trusted users and other students
  • Users can control privacy settings and limit access to their information
  • Traditional or targeted advertising is not displayed


  • Users have the ability to create and upload content
  • Profile data is shared for social interactions
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