Dr.Fone Data Recovery

This Android utility can help you recover missing files and data from smartphones and tablets


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Dr.Fone Data Recovery is a data backup software that assists businesses of all sizes to transfer data, synchronize data as well as delete data from their devices. The program is ideal for fixing system problems, screen recording functions as well as bypassing screen locks in devices.

Dr.Fone is also capable of retrieving deleted data from SD cards inside Android devices, making it a reliable data recovery tool for businesses.


Deployment support

Dr.Fone has been enabled with functionality capabilities across multiple devices and operating systems such as Mac and Windows desktop as well as Android, iPhone and iPad mobile devices. This cross functionality ensures data safety all around.

Backup and recovery

Dr.Fone is equipped with the functionality of storing as well as recovering information locally on a hard drive or similar device. The software routinely performs data backups to only updated files in a way that saves up disk space.

Remote backup and synchronization

Dr.Fone has a remote friendly dashboard that provides remote access to the user’s data files, allowing the user to manage and perform storage controls remotely from familiar applications.

Frequent data updates

The platform frequently performs real time updates on all backup files such that the files are at their most recent versions and reflecting the latest changes done to them. This is a great way to keep only relevant data versions.

Scalability provision

Dr.Fone has provided massive storage capacity to store large amounts of data and has a scalable storage capacity to vary with the storage needs of the business. The software backs up all file sizes, file types, external drives as well as files shared over the network.

Multiple storage formats

Dr.Fone supports storage and recovery of multiple file formats as well as possesses the ability to convert storage files to various formats as desired.

File transfer tool

Dr.Fone allows users to access and share backup files stored online. This tool then facilitates collaboration among colleagues and teams.

Data security

Dr.Fone has certain built-in security features that provide data encryption of data in transit as well as crucial online-stored data. This an effective way to ensure lasting data integrity.


  • Comes with a free version
  • Easy to install and navigate
  • User friendly interface
  • Great tool for data privacy and protection
  • The software has been in use for many years, making it a reliable option for businesses
  • Offers a reliable way to recover lost crucial data
  • Data backup process does not slow down or interrupt the device’s workflow and operation
  • Minimizes chances of data duplication by only targeting unique files, hence saving up storage space
  • The software provides unlimited data backups
  • Supports cloud sharing, hence effective for team collaboration
  • Capable of creating multiple restore points to allow urgent recovery and data restoration
  • Few ads pop-ups


  • No free trial period for the software
  • The trial version has limited features and works on only a few devices

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. File Sharing
  2. Storage Formats
  3. Security Standards

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Deduplication
  2. Remote Backup
  3. Storage Formats
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