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AdSense is one of the oldest and most reliable programs on the internet when it comes to delivering advertisements to websites. It offers a huge array of advertising options, including banner ads and customized text, that can allow website operators to make a ton of money off of their product. 

AdSense is operated by Google, and it shows. The program can be used on virtually any website with the click of just a few quick buttons. Integrating AdSense onto your website is easy, and usually just a matter of signing up and copying some code. Users have noted that it is exceptionally easy to create an account and follow the step-by-step instructions to add AdSense to your website. AdSense is one of the oldest programs in this space. As such, it makes sense that it would have the breadth of experience and programming expertise necessary to deliver a high-quality product to users. This, in turn, is turned into your financial benefit. 

Furthermore, AdSense has expanded over time. Whereas it used to be available on websites only, it can now be integrated into YouTube channels and apps. This expands the potential for users to make real money using the program. 

It is truly worth noting that the ads can be customized to the website. This gives you, the content creator, the ultimate and final control over what users see. As such, you never have to worry about someone being directed to a website that may be one of your competitors or content that you find to be inappropriate.

Once the program is set up, depending on the options you select, AdSense will begin to deliver advertisements to your website. Whenever anyone clicks on an ad, your account will be credited. As such, you can turn your website into real money. Furthermore, the account's details are easy to access, and you can see what ads work, what doesn't, when ads are being viewed, and more. This enables you to develop a content strategy that can help you maximize your AdSense account.

One of the biggest benefits of AdSense is that it is integrated with Google. This allows for the content that is delivered to your users to be relevant to them and to their needs. 


  • Easy to sign up and accessible for almost any website.
  • Can allow you to monetize your website with very little effort. 
  • Can be used on more than just a website, including apps and YouTube channels.
  • Gives you control over what ads your users see.


  • Users are often disappointed with how low the revenue is. Furthermore, there is a minimum amount required before a first withdrawal can be made. This can make it seem like users are putting in a great deal of effort before they actually get any cash from the app.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Performance and Reliability
  2. Display Functionality
  3. Creative Preview

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. API / Integrations
  2. Ad Capping
  3. Ad Unit Creation
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