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Activate is a leading influencer software and brand that aids influencers to create connections and relationships, improves influencer discovery, campaign tracking and management and facilitates brand collaborations across social media platforms.

How it works

Activate helps you to track your impact as an influencer. It provides you with a tracking system to monitor the performance of campaigns and this way you will know which ones need to be improved.

It has an extensive reporting and ROI feature that communicates to you in detail about the extent of impact of content and the performance of the same. It provides you with information about your audience, click through rates, impressions and sales conversion rates.

Through Activate, you can collaborate with different influencers and creators who specialize in different categories. It is a great platform to secure significant content. It has seen large numbers of partnerships with brands, agencies, and media companies surpassing 50,000 in a year.

Activate enables you to set filters for your engagement and audience so that you connect with communities of interest. They can also provide you with specifically compiled lists of brand advocates you can comfortably work with.

Features and tools

Activate has many features that make it such a reliable site for influencers and brands looking to collaborate with them. These include:

Influencer Relationship management

It helps you to manage and nurture long term and wholesome relationships as an influencer, with other influencers and brands. It enables you to form a wide range of networks in one system, which makes it very convenient for you. You can search for information and details about any influencer you are curious about.

Custom surveys with answers and analytics

You can survey your influencer network by asking them targeted survey questions and afterwards use the data in your IRM to form the best collaborations and plan for opportunities.

Influencer segmentation

There are endless categories of influencers for all kinds of things on Activate. Some of them are vegan influencers, outdoorsy influencers, interior design influencers and lifestyle, hair and beauty influencers among many others. This community of creators are classified based on their brand initiatives and campaigns.

Influencer Recruitment

Activate allows you to find and recruit influencers and learn about them across social media.

Audience Analysis

It analyses quality of influencers and their audiences to comprehend their niches and interests.

Data importing and exporting

Activate imports and exports lists of influencers and partners of brands. It stores their details, information profiles, and contacts.


Activate costs $195 for a 3 months subscription, $295 for a 6 months subscription and $495 for a 12 months subscription.


  • Different opportunities for different kinds of influencers
  • Informative of an influencer's history and who they have partnered with before
  • Easy to navigate and apply for campaigns
  • One can filter and hide collaborations that they are not interested in
  • Elaborate analytics


  • Lesser opportunities for influencers in some specific niches
  • A lot of messages and notifications
  • No free trial

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Influencer Collaboration- Influencer Marketing
  2. Content Approval
  3. Influencer Recruitment- Influencer Marketing

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Audience Analysis- Influencer Marketing
  2. Influencer Scoring- Influencer Marketing
  3. Campaign Analytics
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