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Description: Saga Online

Saga Online

SAGA has unleashed an all-new set of Rogue Faction Units. Rogue units are mercenaries and can join any of the SAGA armies. Many powerful units can be acquired for free by completing quests or through shrewd trading on the market, including Oliver Jezrek, a new hero unit added in a brand new quest this week. SAGA is free to play, has no monthly fee and has recently added even more ways to build your army at no cost. Want an even more diverse army quickly? SAGA booster packs allow you to collect over 150 troops and spells. Download now and create your empire online!

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Author Silverlode Interactive
System Requirements Windows XP, 1.6 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM, 128 MB, pixel-shader 2.0 Video Card (must support OpenGL 1.4), 1.5 GB disk space, DirectX 9.0c.