Description: Nemexia


Now it is your turn to rule the Universe, can you really handle it? Three completely different sides and game plays. Nemexia is the complete new generation of complex strategic browser games! Fewer charts and less text, more graphics, interaction and gaming fun!

Humanity is represented by The Confederation, a strong alliance which has survived the great intergalactic wars. The Terteths, an alliance of intelligent machines which was once built by the Confederation, have turned against their creators. Ironically, their attempt to create a lower form of their own kind has completely misfired, giving rise to a third side, The Nox, a strange, bionic life form.

Each race has its own individual buildings and technologies in Nemexia. In addition, the gamer can choose from more than 60 different, carefully matched battle units with special capabilities. Maximum gaming fun is guaranteed!

Each world in Nemexia offers space for more than 20,000 players, who may play with or against each other. It is always worth forming an alliance or joining an established group. As soon as one alliance becomes more powerful, its members can colonise a new team planet and create a shared colony, which is the property of the whole alliance. On these team planets, players of all three races can fight enormous intergalactic battles with other team planets.

Now imagine a battle in which 20 players fight against another 20 from all three sides, with more than 60 unique battle units on the ground as well as in the air! There's been nothing more epic in a browser space game before now.

In Nemexia, the player starts with a planet somewhere in the universe. He can develop his economy and infrastructure here. As he does so, he increases his economic and military power and his influence in the universe. Each of the races has different building types and even different ways of building them. Further expansion of the buildings allows the player to apply new technologies, which allow the building of spaceships, defence mechanisms and much more. Over 60 unique buildings guarantee change across the widest possible range!

No download necessary, can be played any time, any place. Nemexia needs only Internet access and a web browser. The game offers unique graphics and interfaces with no need for plug-ins.

ESRB Rate Pending

Author: Playnik
System Requirements Web-based game - Internet connection required.