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Description: BattleForge


Build the perfect army and lay waste to your foes in BattleForge, an amazing new fantasy Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game from developer Phenomic. Combining strategic cooperative battles, the community of MMO games, and trading card gameplay, BattleForge is set to take the RTS world by storm.

Unlike other RTS games, BattleForge players are free to put their creatures, spells and buildings into combination's they see fit. These units are represented in the form of digital cards from which you build your own unique army. With minimal resources and a custom tech tree to manage, the gameplay is unbelievably accessible and action-packed.

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Author: Electronic Arts
System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista, 1.8 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 10 GB free HD space, 128 MB DirectX compliant video card