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Description: Ace Online

Ace Online

ACE Online is a Flight Action MMORPG. Take control of a rookie pilot and traverse the alien world of Phillon. Shoot down targets, accomplish missions, and find new items and materials to become the best you can be. Then fight for your national pride as you fight for your nation in a global aerial war.

Introducing the new Infinity Field System. The Infinity Field System is a raid instance system where the players must build a team to take on a challenge that they select. With the release of the Episode 3.3 patch, we will be releasing the first area of the Infinity Field called the “Kreacian Holy Lands”. This region is a basically a battle of survival against the Kreacian Dragons. These dragons are of a whole new breed of boss monsters and are capable of things which the older bosses cannot do. Fighting here is difficult but it does have excellent payouts if you can weather the storm!

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Author: Subagames
System Requirements: Windows 98/XP/2000, Pentium 3 - 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 1 GB free HD space, 64 MB DirectX compliant video card