Zelda 2.6

Features fan-created tips, articles, and discussions on Zelda

Vote: 4.5/5 (107 votes) Platform: Android

Cube World

Open world RPG inspired by Zelda and Minecraft

PRO: Huge open world
CON: Monotonous sound effects
Vote: 6.6/10 (365 votes) Platform: Windows

Zelda: Ocarina of Time Guide 3.2

Provides check lists for collecting all the greatest treasures around Hyrule!

Vote: 4.0/5 (103 votes) Platform: Android

Ocarina 2.1.7

Play the ocarina just like in Zelda from the Nintendo 64!

Vote: 4.5/5 (71 votes) Platform: Android

Digital Ocarina 1.4.3

Play Zelda music and more on the Digital Ocarina Android App

Vote: 3.0/5 (81 votes) Platform: Android

Stories of Bethem 1.5.9

Delve into a pixelated, Zelda-like RPG that offers a world of adventure and wonder

Platform: Android

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Independently created video game in the action RPG shooter genre

… of Isaac, and it combines dungeons similar to those found in games like Zelda with the random level …

PRO: Pleasantly unfair and difficult
CON: You cannot change the resolution
Vote: 5.9/10 (216 votes) Platform: Windows

MameUI 142.5.2

GUI version of the MAME emulator for playing arcade classics on the Windows platform

… to receive a bit of a thrill. The whole cast his here, from Zelda to Mario and just about everything …

PRO: Emulates lots of arcade classics
CON: No longer supported
Vote: 6.7/10 (147 votes) Platform: Windows

Treasure Adventure Game 1.0

Set Sail in Search of Treasure

… on classics such as Zelda and Super Mario Bros. This game would have been a huge hit a decade or so ago …

PRO: Excellent retro graphics and sound
CON: No help if you are stuck!
Vote: 6.8/10 (52 votes) Platform: Windows

Agrar Simulator 2013

Graphics-rich software that lets users drive farm equipment in a virtual environment

… 1st jokes on fans, including a trailer for a movie version of Zelda (which was never planned …

PRO: Real brand tractors
CON: Confusing tutorials
Vote: 7.1/10 (473 votes) Platform: Windows