Wi Fi File Transfer

File Manager 2.7.8

A feature-packed software application for managing files on the Android platform

… gt;Supports Cloud and Wi-Fi File Transfer File Manager doesn’t just manage files on local storage …

Vote: 4.4/5 (79 votes) Platform: Android

Droid Over Wifi 1.6.4

A wireless data transfer program that uses Wi-Fi

Vote: 4.0/5 (59 votes) Platform: Android

Zapya 5.8.7 (US)

A fast file transfer app that doesn’t use data

… Zapya is an Android app that lets you transfer files to others without an Internet connection, a Wi

Vote: 3.6/5 (160 votes) Platform: Android

SHAREit - Connect and Transfer 5.2.98_ww

App that lets you share files between any two devices

… that facilitates file transfers at speeds greater than what Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Internet connections normally …

Vote: 4.2/5 (85 votes) Platform: Android

Xender 5.1.1.Prime

Software for easy file sharing with friends and family

… Xender is a file transfer tool that allows users to share files between multiple Android …

Vote: 3.6/5 (361 votes) Platform: Android

WebSharing Lite

Transfer files to your device using Wi-Fi and your web browser

Vote: 4.5/5 (51 votes) Platform: Android


Multiplatform file sharing software that uses a Wi-Fi connection

… Using Shareit, you can transfer your files over from some of the different devices. For example …

PRO: Fast file transfers
CON: Slow when multitasking
Vote: 6.5/10 (266 votes) Platform: Windows

Wi-Fi 4.144.02

Free WiFi map, passwords, millions of hotspots worldwide

Vote: 4.0/5 (100 votes) Platform: Android

Android Transfer for PC

Edit and transfer information from your Android to your PC

… and tablets in order to transfer files and install apps. Android Transfer Manager on PC is a program …

PRO: Completely free
CON: Requires to be constantly running in the background to manage your files
Vote: 8.2/10 (29 votes) Platform: Windows

Wi-Fi Talkie Lite 3.0.1

Turns device into a walkie-talkie that uses Wi-Fi

Vote: 4.0/5 (94 votes) Platform: Android