Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio2022

Comprehensive development suite offering advanced coding tools for efficient software creation and debugging

PRO: Enhanced IntelliCode
CON: Installation can require troubleshooting
Vote: 5.9/10 (290 votes) Platform: Windows

Visual Studio Code1.78.2

A robust, free code editor with advanced integration and customization options for efficient software development

Visual Studio Code is an integrated development environment that offers automatic syntax …

PRO: Fit for beginner developers
CON: Not suitable for complex workflows
Vote: 5.0/10 (10 votes) Platform: Windows

Visual Studio 2013

Streamline app development with powerful coding tools and a versatile interface

Visual Studio 2013 is a version of the software that lets you create new software apps for using …

PRO: Error checker and auto-correct included
CON: Complicated for beginners to learn
Vote: 6.2/10 (1450 votes) Platform: Windows

TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio2016

Design, create and publish stunning visual novels and games for use on different gaming platforms

Vote: 5.7/10 (7 votes) Platform: Windows

Microsoft Visual C# 20089.0.30729

Robust development environment for building C# applications on Windows

… Microsoft Visual C# 2008 is an enterprise-level IDE. Sure, there are enterprise tools in Visual Studio

PRO: It provides the user with access to a host of automated tools and functions
CON: It is not as advanced as more modern software
Vote: 6.1/10 (427 votes) Platform: Windows

Visual Typewriter1.5

A trial version utility that simulates a classic typewriter experience on Windows

Vote: 5.3/10 (40 votes) Platform: Windows

Visual C++Express 2010

A comprehensive suite of tools for building customized Windows and .NET Framework applications

Visual C++ 2010 Express gives you a free set of tools that programmers can use to create …

PRO: Much easier on the eye than previous versions
CON: Lacks advanced features
Vote: 5.9/10 (1301 votes) Platform: Windows

Visual Pinball10.5.0

Offers customizable pinball simulations with realistic gameplay and vintage graphics for an engaging arcade experience on Windows

PRO: Good pinball physical movement during play
CON: Some pinball layouts have different key commands than others
Vote: 6.9/10 (44 votes) Platform: Windows

Visual Subst5.7

Create and manage virtual drives easily with this intuitive tool

Vote: 4.8/10 (6 votes) Platform: Windows

Visual Qiblah5.7.250003

The ultimate app for prayer times, Qibla, and hilal visibility

Vote: 4.5/5 (88 votes) Platform: Android