Visual Editing

Microsoft Visual Basic 2019.16.9

Programming software that allows users to create graphics for Windows

… to create files that have a better visual appeal, allowing you to better view them and edit them at a later …

PRO: Automatic error checks
CON: Not suitable for developing games
Vote: 6.2/10 (3016 votes) Platform: Windows

Photo Sketch Cartoon Portrait 2.0.3

A photo editing app that adds many visual effects

Platform: Android

Neat Image 8.6

Professional editing software to eliminate visual noise in your photos

Vote: 7.6/10 (121 votes) Platform: Windows

Visual Typewriter 1.5

This can be used to write many different, authentic things and even publish an e-book

Vote: 5.3/10 (40 votes) Platform: Windows

Visual C++ Express 2010

Useful set of tools for developing programs for Microsoft

Visual C++ 2010 Express gives you a free set of tools that programmers can use to create …

PRO: Much easier on the eye than previous versions
CON: Lacks advanced features
Vote: 5.9/10 (1301 votes) Platform: Windows

Visual Pinball 10.5.0

Digital fun with a popular retro arcade pinball machine game for your personal computer 

PRO: Good pinball physical movement during play
CON: Some pinball layouts have different key commands than others
Vote: 6.9/10 (44 votes) Platform: Windows

Visual Subst 1.0.6

Basic virtual drive utility. Allows users to mount disc image files easily

Vote: 4.8/10 (6 votes) Platform: Windows

Visual Voicemail 4.1.6

Communications app that provides you with a visual listing of your voicemail messages

Vote: 3.5/5 (43 votes) Platform: Android

Visual Voicemail

Manage, View and Listen to your FreedomPop Voicemails

Vote: 3.0/5 (54 votes) Platform: Android

Visual DOF 1.5


Vote: 4.0/5 (68 votes) Platform: Android