SVG viewer 1.3.4

View SVG files with Android

Vote: 3.5/5 (101 votes) Platform: Android

Sketsa SVG Editor 5.3

Adapt your pictures and drawings to create a colorful display on your mobile app device

PRO: Based on SVG and supports XML
CON: Limited in scope and features
Vote: 6.0/10 (14 votes) Platform: Windows

BlueGriffon 3.0.1

Cross-platform HTML editor with powerful features like script editor panel, SVG and 20 language support

PRO: 64 bits
CON: Lacks a few options in menus
Vote: 8.1/10 (13 votes) Platform: Windows

Total HTML Converter

Utility that can convert HTML files into DF, DOC, XLS, XHTML, JPEG, TIFF, TXT, RTF, EMF, SVG and ODT files

Vote: 6.7/10 (15 votes) Platform: Windows

Tux Paint 0.9.25

An open-source drawing and art software app

… as well as directional brushes. July 1, 2007 screen size and orientation support as well as SVG and input …

PRO: Parental and teacher control
CON: Not suitable for more serious drawing projects
Vote: 7.6/10 (1773 votes) Platform: Windows

ImageMagick 6.7.3-4

Free download for Windows that provides tools to read and write images in any format

PRO: Edits almost any format
CON: Too hard for beginners
Vote: 6.4/10 (32 votes) Platform: Windows