Popular and much-used video and chat software

Skype is a free service that offers VoIP, voice over IP, software that allows users to connect …

PRO: Supports video conferencing
CON: Occasional lags
Vote: 6.9/10 (19302 votes) Platform: Windows


A messaging application for making free voice and video calls

… With more than 250 million users today, you can't overestimate the value of Skype. The popular …

Vote: 3.9/5 (92 votes) Platform: Android

Skype for Business6.25.0.27

Skype for Business extends the power of Lync and Skype to your mobile device

Vote: 4.0/5 (64 votes) Platform: Android

Skype Portable8.89.0.403

Light mobile application designed for convenient on-the-go Skype use

PRO: Support for embedded local video on target video
CON: The new interface is huge
Vote: 6.6/10 (286 votes) Platform: Windows

Skype for Business16.0.4849.1000

Video and voice calling client for businesses

Skype for Business comes loaded with all the features you love about the software you use …

PRO: Record call feature
CON: Prone to lagging
Vote: 7.1/10 (669 votes) Platform: Windows

Skype Translator

Powerful tool that helps VoIP callers understand each other

Vote: 7.4/10 (40 votes) Platform: Windows

Skype Beta6.7.60.373

Program that lets you try new features for the popular VoIP service

Skype Beta is a program that lets you turn your computer and web cam into a chat messaging system …

PRO: Share more than one screen
CON: Unstable
Vote: 1.3/10 (3 votes) Platform: Windows

Skype WiFi1.6.0.3

An application that connects users to public WiFi hotspots

Vote: 4.0/5 (78 votes) Platform: Android

Skype Lite1.89.76.1

A lightweight version of Skype that takes up far less space on a mobile device

Vote: 0.2/5 (84 votes) Platform: Android


An automated answering machine app for Skype

Vote: 6.3/10 (20 votes) Platform: Windows