Secure File Sharing

Secure Delete 3.0.16

Permanently delete photos and prevent file recovery

Vote: 4.0/5 (60 votes) Platform: Android

File & Folder Secure 1.0.4

File Folder Locker App For Lock Files And Folders

Vote: 3.5/5 (99 votes) Platform: Android

File Secure Free 1.0.0

Secure all of your most important files and keep them out of the hackers' way

Vote: 0.0/10 (0 votes) Platform: Windows

VIPole 1.7.5

Secure messaging, free calls, video, conferences, group chats and file sharing

Vote: 4.5/5 (43 votes) Platform: Android

BigSpeed File Sharing SDK 2.0

Share big and small files alike with ease with this great and useful Windows program 

Vote: 10.0/10 (1 votes) Platform: Windows

WinMX Music 5.5.0

File-Sharing music program that is secure for each side

Vote: 0.0/10 (0 votes) Platform: Windows

Zapya 4.6

A fast file transfer app that doesn’t use data

… Zapya is an Android app that lets you transfer files to others without an Internet connection, a Wi …

Vote: 4.3/5 (68 votes) Platform: Android


Tool for sharing files over the internet

… for secure communications. One way it achieves this is by only allowing authorized users to access the VPN …

PRO: Perfect for network games
CON: None that we can think of!
Vote: 5.9/10 (20291 votes) Platform: Windows

Secure Folder 7.7

Add files to a folder that is secure

PRO: Fast and efficient
CON: Some underdeveloped features
Vote: 6.8/10 (118 votes) Platform: Windows

Xender 3.3.1219

Software for easy file sharing with friends and family

… Xender is a file transfer tool that allows users to share files between multiple Android …

Vote: 3.9/5 (215 votes) Platform: Android