Sam Broadcaster

SAM Broadcaster 2016.4

Professional DJ software for playing music files

Vote: 6.9/10 (378 votes) Platform: Windows

SAM Broadcaster Cloud 2020.8.67449

A cloud-based Internet radio program that provides live-streaming options

Vote: 10.0/10 (2 votes) Platform: Windows

XSplit Broadcaster 3.9.1912.1006

Screen and game capture software for live streaming footage to sites like Twitch and Youtube

PRO: Good value for money
CON: Doesn't work well with all capture cards
Vote: 9.5/10 (3 votes) Platform: Windows

LiveStream Broadcaster 5.7

Use the phone to control the webcam on the computer 

PRO: Easy to use and setup
CON: Connections frequently dropped
Vote: 3.6/10 (26 votes) Platform: Windows

Broadcaster's StudioPRO 1.3.0

Video editor supporting browsers, media players, and chat clients

Vote: 3.1/10 (24 votes) Platform: Windows

SAM VIBE 1.0.54688

Create a cloud radio station with this Windows 10 based broadcasting solution

Vote: 0.0/10 (0 votes) Platform: Windows

Serious Sam

Action-packed first-person shooter classic game for PC

… Serious Sam, then, would be a comedy and is anything but serious about itself. Serious Sam is what happens …

PRO: Challenging bosses
CON: Out-of-date graphics
Vote: 7.1/10 (722 votes) Platform: Windows

Sams Club 5.6.1

Shopping & saving made easy

Vote: 4.4/5 (66 votes) Platform: Android

Bitter Sam 2.53

Bitter Sam is a fun and exciting puzzle game!

Vote: 4.0/5 (74 votes) Platform: Android

Sam Locker 2.1

Addiction Prevention smart smartphone application! Was newly born again as Sam Locker poisoning prevention smartphone app

Vote: 3.5/5 (60 votes) Platform: Android