Pocket Video Easy Vlogging

Pocket Money Memo 1.0.2

A lovely app with easy use!

Vote: 3.5/5 (43 votes) Platform: Android

Easy Video Converter 7.5

Convert videos of all kinds to other formatsĀ 

Vote: 8.6/10 (4 votes) Platform: Windows

MAGIX Video easy 5-hd

A simple video editor and converter with a wide variety of options and features

PRO: Very clear interface
CON: No explicit mention of suitable formats for uploading
Vote: 5.4/10 (57 votes) Platform: Windows

Easy Video Splitter 2.01

Splits large video files into smaller ones that are easy to see

PRO: Manual or automatic splitting
CON: Not advanced enough to warrant registration
Vote: 6.3/10 (14 votes) Platform: Windows

Easy Video Downloader 2.0.3

App that lets you copy videos from popular sites

… Just like its name implies, Easy Video Downloader is a tool that lets you easily grab online videos

PRO: Converts to both AVI and MPEG4
CON: Slow at converting to AVI
Vote: 0.0/10 (0 votes) Platform: Windows

Easy Video Cutter 2.3

Cut parts of videos to make them shorter

PRO: A great option for novices or those who hope to save time.
CON: There is no free version of this software available for download.
Vote: 7.1/10 (54 votes) Platform: Windows

Easy Video Maker 8.15

Easy-to-use and all-in-one video editor for beginning filmmakers

… Believe it or not, Easy Video Maker might actually be one of the trickier programs to understand …

PRO: Lots of transitions
CON: Previews are prone to lagging
Vote: 7.6/10 (2133 votes) Platform: Windows

Easy Video Reverser 3.9.5

Saves a version of any video in reverse

PRO: This software bundle is capable of supporting the majority of media codecs.
CON: It cannot work with more recent versions of Windows.
Vote: 4.7/10 (218 votes) Platform: Windows

Original Doom

A pocket version of the 1993 game

… to switch weapons on the fly. As video games continue to become more and more realistic, gamers …

Vote: 2.2/5 (42 votes) Platform: Android

Pocket Money 4.4.2

Earn cash and recharge your phone by watching videos, reviewing apps, and shopping online

Platform: Android