Lost Partition Recovery

Eassos Recovery Free4.5.0.460

Find files and restore partitions with this compact tool

… and partition recovery. Because the software design uses a wizard interface, it is simple to navigate and easy …

PRO: Free trial available
CON: No multiple-language support
Vote: 9.4/10 (75 votes) Platform: Windows

Hetman Partition Recovery4.4

Great tool that mends bad sections on a variety of drives

lost data, you might invest in Hetman Partition Recovery after experiencing a partial or total hard …

PRO: Clearly marks recovered files
CON: Total novices may still be overwhelmed
Vote: 7.8/10 (58 votes) Platform: Windows

Free Data Recovery5.8

Helps in finding and recovering data lost on a PC or storage device

… it works on entire partitions, and it can fully or partially recover partitions that have been lost

PRO: Partitions can be recovered even if they are severely damaged.
CON: English is the only language currently supported by this free data recovery package
Vote: 8.3/10 (851 votes) Platform: Windows

Magic Word Recovery4.7

Restore various missing wordprocessing documents lost on unreadable memory cards, deleted partitions and other areas

Vote: 8.4/10 (5 votes) Platform: Windows

Partition Table Doctor3.5

Hard disk partition recovery and repair package

PRO: Very well documented
CON: Plain interface
Vote: 6.4/10 (31 votes) Platform: Windows


Undelete and recover your lost or deleted photos with DiskDigger!

… Who hasn't accidentally deleted a picture they meant to keep or lost images due to a malfunctioning …

Vote: 4.0/5 (99 votes) Platform: Android

DiskInternals Partition Recovery8.13

Easily recover data from corrupted, damaged, and recently deleted partitions

Vote: 8.7/10 (3 votes) Platform: Windows

Starus Partition Recovery2.5

Repair and recover corrupted hard drive partitions

Vote: 7.8/10 (6 votes) Platform: Windows

Partition Bad Disk3.3.2_

A recovery tool for hard disks that quarantines bad sectors and data by partitioning them

Vote: 7.0/10 (24 votes) Platform: Windows

Free RAW Partition Recovery1.0.0.8

Recovers and reuses drive and partition data

PRO: Easy to use
CON: Tends to run rather slowly at times
Vote: 8.6/10 (66 votes) Platform: Windows