Google Voice

Google Voice 2020.04.291498913

Save your money and data by using this app to make your international phone calls

Vote: 3.9/5 (57 votes) Platform: Android

Google Maps 9.43.0

App that provides extensive maps and route directions

Google Maps is a navigation app for Android and iOS which supports voice navigation, saving maps …

Vote: 3.6/5 (130 votes) Platform: Android

Google Quick Search Box

Voice-based Google search tool with plenty of customization

… Although the Google Quick Search Box app acts as a search engine, it's far from a basic browser …

Vote: 4.4/5 (82 votes) Platform: Android

Google Keyboard

Keyboard app developed by Google for your Android device

… typing, voice typing and more. Along with those features, you have Google Search built into the software …

Vote: 3.7/5 (101 votes) Platform: Android

Google Voice Search Hotword

You can surf the web using your voice

PRO: Provides instant access to thousands of websites
CON: Only world with Google Chrome
Vote: 7.0/10 (48 votes) Platform: Windows

Voice Map 1.4.4

VoMap helps you to get directions on Google Maps by using voice commands

Vote: 4.0/5 (92 votes) Platform: Android

Voice Choice 1.25.1

Call some contacts with your Google Voice number & others with your cell number

Vote: 4.0/5 (92 votes) Platform: Android

Google Calendar 2020.02.4-291879932-release

An app that lets you view your calendar in different ways

Google Calendar is Google's official scheduling app for Android phones. If you own an Android …

Vote: 3.9/5 (90 votes) Platform: Android

Google +

Social media app from Google that tracks your social circles

Google + (or Google Plus) is an Android application to access the platform of the same name …

Vote: 4.0/5 (58 votes) Platform: Android

Hangouts 15.0.141104777

Add pictures, videos and stickers to conversations

… The official application of Google, Hangouts sets the objective to open instant communication …

Vote: 3.8/5 (96 votes) Platform: Android