Google Search

Google Goggles 3.0.208511728

Allows you to search for images and text using your phone’s camera

Vote: 4.0/5 (63 votes) Platform: Android

Google Gesture Search 2.1.5

Search your Android phone or tablet by drawing gestures

Vote: 4.0/5 (81 votes) Platform: Android

Advanced Google Search 3.3.4

Refined Search Engine

Vote: 4.5/5 (47 votes) Platform: Android

Search for Google Plus 1.4

Search Google Plus(Google+) public contents and profiles online

Vote: 4.0/5 (109 votes) Platform: Android

Search By Image 1.0.1

Use Google Search By Image on your Smartphone!

Vote: 2.0/5 (80 votes) Platform: Android

Google Chromium OS

Faster version of the original search engine

PRO: Perfect OS for netbooks
CON: Very early stage of development
Vote: 6.6/10 (532 votes) Platform: Windows

Reverse Image Search 1.0

Search Google using a picture

Vote: 3.5/5 (40 votes) Platform: Android

Google Keyboard

Keyboard app developed by Google for your Android device

… typing, voice typing and more. Along with those features, you have Google Search built into the software …

Vote: 3.9/5 (79 votes) Platform: Android

Google Search for Windows 10

Updated Google app for Windows 10 operating system

PRO: Replaces Bing as default search app
CON: Cannot multitask with Google apps
Vote: 7.3/10 (187 votes) Platform: Windows

Google Quick Search Box

Voice-based Google search tool with plenty of customization

… Although the Google Quick Search Box app acts as a search engine, it's far from a basic browser …

Vote: 4.5/5 (77 votes) Platform: Android