Free Browsing

Proxy Browsing 1.0

Proxy Browser - Browse all blocked sites in your country, company or school

Vote: 3.5/5 (74 votes) Platform: Android

Detect Safe Browsing 4.1.4

Protect your Android device against phishing, pharming, and other online threat

Vote: 4.5/5 (52 votes) Platform: Android

Free Media Catcher 1.2

Free tool to download video and audio files while web browsing

PRO: Built-in player
CON: Unstable player
Vote: 5.6/10 (22 votes) Platform: Windows

Maxthon Web Browser

Free mobile web browser with customization options

Vote: 4.5/5 (48 votes) Platform: Android

Free History Eraser 7.1

Erase and clean up your web-browsing history with this free application for Windows

Vote: 7.1/10 (10 votes) Platform: Windows

SilentCamera NINJA BURST! FREE 1.8.2

Web browsing shutter mode(NINJA mode), Burst mode & Timer function

Vote: 3.5/5 (98 votes) Platform: Android


Stellar tool for browsing the web on a VPN

PRO: Smart advanced features
CON: Does not work with Netflix and other streaming services
Vote: 6.7/10 (149 votes) Platform: Windows

Cugga: Free Android Games Downloads 2.1.17

Cugga is a unique app market with its own browsing options and categories

Vote: 3.5/5 (88 votes) Platform: Android

SurfSafeVPN Free Trial 3.2

Affordable, global VPN program to hide your IP address and location while browsing

PRO: Notifies every time an unsafe web page is being accessed
CON: The home screen font size is a bit too small
Vote: 7.4/10 (27 votes) Platform: Windows

Vpn Super Proxy Free - Unblock Websites 2018 1

High security and privacy with secure browsing, unblock sites and proxy settings

Vote: 2.0/5 (1 votes) Platform: Android