Disk Encryption

Privacy Drive Portable v3.5

Virtual disk encryption software that protects and encrypts documents and files

Vote: 8.7/10 (34 votes) Platform: Windows


Create and mount virtual disks to store sensitive and private data with proven encryption methods

PRO: Support for eight different encryption methods
CON: Extra tools are a bit too basic
Vote: 10.0/10 (2 votes) Platform: Windows

P-Encryption Suite

Keep documents secure in an encrypted file

Vote: 6.0/10 (1 votes) Platform: Windows

Encryption Manager Lite 4.5.4

File manager for confidential data using AES encryption

Vote: 3.5/5 (87 votes) Platform: Android

WinRAR 6.02

Create and open all types of files with this intuitive program

… compression ratio than the default Windows ZIP application, and also allows for strong encryption

PRO: Works well with many file formats
CON: Ambiguous trial period
Vote: 5.9/10 (358 votes) Platform: Windows

PGP Desktop 10.1.1

Provides privacy with encryption software while online

PRO: Lets users permanently delete files
CON: Doesn’t have a user-friendly interface
Vote: 5.1/10 (147 votes) Platform: Windows

Disk SpeedUp

A Windows software that analyzes, defragments, and speeds up traditional (not SSD) hard drives

PRO: Supports all popular file systems
CON: Optimization takes a while
Vote: 7.5/10 (8 votes) Platform: Windows

Disk Heal 1.48

This software is used as a way to heal disk drives on a computer after they've been infected with a virus

PRO: Easy to use and quick to analyse
CON: Can make damaging changes to your registry
Vote: 3.7/10 (22 votes) Platform: Windows

Disk Cleaner 1.8.1795

Program that helps to repair, defragment, and scan a user’s PC

Vote: 7.3/10 (129 votes) Platform: Windows

Unlock Disk 1.0.0

A program for Windows that can gain access to locked drives and partitions 

Vote: 7.8/10 (25 votes) Platform: Windows