Bootable Usb

A Bootable USB0.9.5.471

Install Windows 7 with a memory stick on devices devoid of a DVD drive

PRO: Two input devices
CON: Some errors when formatting the pen drive
Vote: 6.5/10 (98 votes) Platform: Windows

Bootable USB Replicator0.2.0000

Creates an image of the USB drive

Vote: 2.5/10 (4 votes) Platform: Windows

WinToFlash Lite1.13.00.00

Simple tool that turns USBs into boot drives

… WinToFlash is a program that creates bootable USB drives for the installation of Windows from …

PRO: Reliable
CON: Not the fastest
Vote: 8.0/10 (410 votes) Platform: Windows


Tool designed for making USB devices bootable

PRO: Build standalone .EXE files with custom content
CON: Premium features behind a paywall
Vote: 6.3/10 (46 votes) Platform: Windows

Rufus(Reliable USB Formatting Utility) 1.1.6

Utility that creates bootable USB drives and partitions

PRO: It will require very little memory to function properly.
CON: Some technical knowledge will be required to use this bundle.
Vote: 7.8/10 (6 votes) Platform: Windows

Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool8.00.7600.16385

Well-designed program for creating an external bootable drive for a PC

… The Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool lets you download Windows 7 via the Internet and configure …

PRO: Consistently updated
CON: Not available on all Windows operating systems
Vote: 7.2/10 (171 votes) Platform: Windows

BitDefender Rescue CD31.01.2011

Antimalware program that can run off of a bootable CD or USB key

Vote: 8.0/10 (37 votes) Platform: Windows


An easy-to-use utility program for Windows to create bootable USB drives

PRO: Supports Windows To Go
CON: Only available for Windows
Vote: 3.7/10 (3 votes) Platform: Windows


A Windows application for producing bootable USB drives for various Linux distributions such as Ubuntu

PRO: Can support Linux distributions
CON: Difficult to understand
Vote: 6.6/10 (18 votes) Platform: Windows

ISO to USB1.6

A small application that transfers ISO images directly to flash drives

PRO: Freeware
CON: Limited support
Vote: 7.0/10 (152 votes) Platform: Windows