Xbox beta 2001.0122.2248

Xbox beta

Vote: 4.0/5 (65 votes) Platform: Android

Google Chrome Beta 94.0.4606.41

Beta version of Google Chrome for Android

… Google Chrome Beta will change the way you surf the web because this web browser makes it easier …

PRO: Recording user feedback is simple
CON: Occasional crashes
Vote: 7.2/10 (1861 votes) Platform: Windows

uTorrent Beta

Beta version of a torrent downloader and interface

… has quickly become the most popular torrent client in the entire world. The beta variation remains …

PRO: New features
CON: Little explanation of new features
Vote: 7.0/10 (487 votes) Platform: Windows

GG Mobile 0.99

Beta is officially over!

Vote: 4.0/5 (45 votes) Platform: Android

SystemPanel 2 2.0.b14

SystemPanel 2 beta

Vote: 5.0/5 (1 votes) Platform: Android

Ekşin 2.0.24

eksi sozluk beta is beta version of Ekşin , for social dictionary Ekşi Sözlük

Vote: 4.0/5 (85 votes) Platform: Android

Connectify Beta 7.0.0

Lightweight application that monitors and optimizes Wi-Fi connections

PRO: Built-in tutorial
CON: Advanced functions only available in Pro version
Vote: 6.4/10 (93 votes) Platform: Windows

Skype Beta

Program that lets you try new features for the popular VoIP service

… Skype Beta is a program that lets you turn your computer and web cam into a chat messaging system …

PRO: Share more than one screen
CON: Unstable
Vote: 1.0/10 (1 votes) Platform: Windows

WinRAR Beta 6.02 beta 1

A file compression utility program that is available for Android devices

Vote: 4.9/10 (9 votes) Platform: Windows

imo beta 9.8.000000004472

Provides free video chat and calls to friends and family

… IMO Beta is the beta version of IMO Messenger, which is an all-in-one Android messaging app …

Vote: 3.2/5 (458 votes) Platform: Android