Audio Tool

Audio Tools 1.0.6

A suit of audio tools and calculators

Vote: 4.0/5 (73 votes) Platform: Android

AIMP Audio Tools 2.61.583

An audio software that supports many types of enhancements and special effect optionsĀ 

PRO: Popular tag formats supported
CON: Getting used to it can take time
Vote: 5.6/10 (30 votes) Platform: Windows

Sound Tools Plus 1.0.10

Capable audio editor to convert, split, edit, rip from CD media and generate TTS audio

Vote: 5.1/10 (1 votes) Platform: Windows

AMV Convert Tool 4.0

Converts most audio files into AMV files

Vote: 0.0/10 (0 votes) Platform: Windows

Android Audio Editor 1.0.5

Audio Editor is multi-function tool for audio extraction, conversion and edit

Vote: 3.5/5 (86 votes) Platform: Android

Free Audio Editor 7.3.1

Freeware with multifunctional audio editing tools

PRO: Support for many formats
CON: Some extra tools are not available in the free version: saving to MP3, burning CDs, batch editing
Vote: 6.2/10 (240 votes) Platform: Windows

Ringtone Maker 1.1.63

Best tool for audio cutting, mixing, merging, joining and ringtone making

Vote: 4.5/5 (65 votes) Platform: Android

DJ Audio Editor 5.3.0

Edit audio files with DJ tools for enhanced listening

PRO: Good for adding special effects to music
CON: Limited for serious editing tasks
Vote: 7.0/10 (144 votes) Platform: Windows

AnyMP4 Audio Converter 6.5.10

Tool to convert audio and video files to any format on Windows

Vote: 5.5/10 (6 votes) Platform: Windows

Audio Recorder for Free 12.9.8

This software captures audio tracks from other sources

Audio Recorder for Free is a handy tool that lets you create MP3 files from music and other audio

PRO: Gives you a lot of control over where to stop and start
CON: Not many advanced sound tweaking options
Vote: 6.0/10 (1 votes) Platform: Windows