Animation Maker

DP Animation Maker3.5.20

Create videos and pictures with numerous animation tools

PRO: Easy to learn
CON: Some animations are cheesy
Vote: 5.7/10 (103 votes) Platform: Windows


2D and 3D virtual face maker with modeling and animation tools

PRO: Easy export to a range of formats
CON: Takes a bit of practice to get it right
Vote: 6.4/10 (233 votes) Platform: Windows

Aurora 3D Animation Maker20.01.30

Converts normal text into a 3D animation

PRO: easy to use
CON: There is a free trial but the software itself is not free
Vote: 5.9/10 (750 votes) Platform: Windows

MAGIX 3D Maker7

Converts text and images into 3D graphics and animations

PRO: Lots of support
CON: Strangely old-fashioned looking
Vote: 7.1/10 (198 votes) Platform: Windows


Live Photo & moving face animator, make pixa loop with animafy motion portrait.

… quot;Movepic: Bringing Still Images to Life with Animation" Movepic is an innovative mobile …

Platform: Android

Animated Screensaver Maker4.2.9

Create your own animations and screensavers with this free program for Windows 

Vote: 6.0/10 (11 votes) Platform: Windows

Animation Desk™

Create great animations and upload them to your website or your social media account

PRO: Full support with Photoshop on a PC or Mac Device
CON: This is not a free software a monthly subscription is required to use
Vote: 9.0/10 (3 votes) Platform: Windows

Boot Animations3.2.0(31202)

Install custom boot animations (loading animation) on your rooted Android device

Vote: 3.5/5 (82 votes) Platform: Android

Mechanical Animations2.0.10

Supercool animations to understand how machines work!

Vote: 4.0/5 (88 votes) Platform: Android

Kids Animations1.0

Funny and Educational 3d animated short movies for kids and also for everyone

Vote: 4.0/5 (99 votes) Platform: Android