Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash Lite 2.1

Flash technology developed to work with mobile platforms and smartphones

PRO: Contains all the standard player controls
CON: Cumbersome interface
Vote: 6.3/10 (97 votes) Platform: Windows

Adobe Flash Player

Program for running many formats of video in games and on the web

Adobe Flash Player works with most operating systems and functions as a plugin that allows your …

PRO: Works with multiple file formats
CON: Freezes at times
Vote: 7.0/10 (7150 votes) Platform: Windows

Photon Flash Player and Browser 5.9

A browser that supports flash games and websites

Vote: 3.5/5 (95 votes) Platform: Android

Adobe Animate CC (Adobe Flash Professional) 2017

A complete animation software program that is easy to use

PRO: Wide range of uses
CON: Difficult to navigate
Vote: 5.5/10 (700 votes) Platform: Windows

Adobe ShockWave Player

A popular program for playing interactive media

Adobe Shockwave Player, a masterpiece plug-in that is widely used today, lets you play all your …

PRO: Easy to install
CON: Still necessary to install v.10 for some things
Vote: 6.9/10 (955 votes) Platform: Windows

Adobe Flash Player (for IE)

Plugin that plays video on the Internet Explorer browser

… Looking for one of the essential plugins for your browser? Adobe Flash Player has become …

PRO: Essential for viewing videos, games and animations
CON: Use of processor
Vote: 7.2/10 (2043 votes) Platform: Windows

Adobe Flash Player 11

Allows users to view media files easily

… where content should be? Adobe Flash Player 11 solves this problem by giving your device …

Vote: 2.1/5 (52 votes) Platform: Android

Sothink Video Encoder for Adobe Flash 3.2 Build 70926

Finish the process and get your videos property encodes to be used with flash in Windows 

PRO: Very fast at converting
CON: Editor is very basic
Vote: 0.0/10 (0 votes) Platform: Windows

Adobe Reader DC 2020.006.20042

Popular and most-used PDF viewer for Windows

Adobe Reader can be found on almost every PC in the world, and in terms of compatibility, the last …

PRO: Enhances productivity
CON: Needs 380MB of disk space
Vote: 6.8/10 (3790 votes) Platform: Windows

Adobe InDesign CC 15.0.2

Professional-level publishing software including video and audio

… export the result into an interactive PDF or Flash. At Adobe InDesign's newest version, we see …

PRO: Offers a free 7-days trial period
CON: Limited photo editing tools
Vote: 6.1/10 (572 votes) Platform: Windows