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K-9 Mail

A leading open-source email client designed to save you time by letting you process your inbox in bulk


A versatile miner program that works for new and experienced users for multiple cryptocurrencies


A social community for knowledge management among millions of students and subject experts who want to solve hard homework problems

Google Drive

A cloud-based storage platform to sync business and personal files across multiple devices.

Microsoft Excel

Industry-standard spreadsheet application that gives users the freedom to code their own cells


Commercial version of the open-source Chromium project; leading web browser in terms of market share

UKG Ready

HR solutions that let managers design the optimal employee journey and administer payroll with minimal paperwork required


A gamified digital learning platform that provides entertaining experiences for students and corporate trainees.


A massive web-based research paper database that helps you find and upload research papers and case studies

Google Translate

Interactive translator featuring thousands of languages with instantaneous conversions between dialects via text and speech