Sauce Labs

Rigorous product testing service providing focused results by directly emulating the customer's actual usage experience


API testing solution that's entirely open source and constantly evolving


Software testing tool for developers and programmers who need to check the performance of UI projects

Browserstack Automate

Automate your software QA processes with a Selenium-compatible automation stack that conducts live tests on thousands of real browsers and mobile devices


Curate remarkable virtual experiences with powerful end-to-end testing services that maximize both performance and responsiveness


This program records web activity and allows you to replay it to see exactly what happened

Micro Focus UFT One

This program automates digital tests to ensure that true tests are good and accurate


An automation platform that can streamline business processes in a no-code environment with intuitive flow charts and graphics

Telerik Test Studio

A web automating service that is able to work with various web-based programming languages

Appvance IQ

This test system is able to tests scripts to ensure they work and to see how changes affect the system