1. CAD & PLM Software

  2. Simulation & CAE Software


A program for creating block diagrams and customizing existing plans to fit your needs


Mathematical computational system with powerful features for modeling, complex algebraic expressions, charting, and numerical data visualization

GNU Octave

Simple yet powerful high-level programming language designed with mathematical equations in mind

Ansys Fluent

Fluid simulation and physics software that can handle modeling for turbulence, battery performance, and more

Ansys HFSS

A highly accurate, three-dimensional electromagnetic simulator for testing integrated circuits, antennas, microwave components, and more

COMSOL Multiphysics (formerly FEMLAB)

Solve ordinary differential equations and PDEs, run realistic physics and engineering simulations, and conduct virtual experiments


An open-source engineering and physics simulation platform with libraries for computational fluid dynamics calculations

Ansys Maxwell

This program is a field solver that helps solve and stabilize electromagnetic fields