1. Security Software

Micro Focus Fortify WebInspect

A dynamic application security testing (DAST) platform that simulates realistic hacking attacks

Comodo Dome

Cyber security suite that enables the filtering of online content while protecting against malicious websites

Protegent Antivirus

All-in-one security solution that protects against viruses, filters out junk mail and monitors wireless connections

Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics (Stealthwatch Cloud)

Keep a watchful eye on all of your encrypted network data and spot leaks

Onion ID

Access and Privilege Management solution designed for security, visibility, and auditing in one effective package

Shimo VPN

A VPN meant specifically for Mac computers that will keep you safe as you browse

EnCase Forensic

Track, organize, and manage high-priority digital forensic evidence from smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers

Puffin Secure Browser

Cross-platform web browser focused on speed and security by routing traffic through proprietary encrypted servers

Code Inspector

An automated program that looks over your code and coding base for errors that can be corrected


Combat security issues and data breaches with trainings that use analytics to mitigate human error