1. Security Software

IBM Security QRadar

A program that tracks threats in the network so that IT teams can fix problems


A vulnerability assessment platform built specifically for security personnel to find digital weaknesses in the network

Duo Security

A Trusted Access platform that verifies user identity and conducts device health checks on demand


High-quality VPN and internet privacy services to help protect your identity and have a censorship-free browsing experience


An integrated, cloud-based identity management platform with cutting-edge security and one-click sign-ins for employees and customers


Software for managing passwords that is open source, platform independent and very easy to use

LogMeIn Central

An easy-to-use remote management platform based entirely in the cloud

Norton Antivirus

Heuristic security package that scans for threats even if they don't match the currently loaded set of definitions

Splunk Enterprise Security

An analytics-driven security program that finds attacks and uses advanced information to stop them


Software designed to auto repair any security software a user has installed on a system