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Outlook Drag & Drop to Browser

Addon for Outlook that allows users to quickly open email attachments in their internet browsers


Unified email, contacts, calendar, and task management app for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS


Keep the spam out of your inbox by unsubscribing from junk email marketing lists with just one click


Email management for busy people, including advanced spam filtering, automated responses, and simple message filtering

rediffmail Pro

An enterprise email management platform with advanced filtering tools from one of India's leading software vendors


Get a disposable email address to sign up for apps or put into web forms


An email system with multiple inbox options so that you get the tools that you want

Guerrilla Mail

Get a temporary, anonymous e-mail address on demand to help you avoid spam, junk mail, and phishing attempts


An online email client tool designed for bulk-email services and multiple email account management


This provides a temporary email address that you can use on any website