1. Development Software

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Windows and macOS application that can instantly create a web server under Apache and Nginx


A command line solution that goes well above what a typical SSH client offers you


A hard drive manager that manages your space and allows you to fit more files onto the computer


A platform for businesses to create a variety of architectural plans and schematics quickly and efficiently

MDN Web Docs

A documentation program with advanced controls that makes it easier to create websites

sql map

Open source software for security professionals to determine possible threats and flaws in SQL-based systems


An analytics program that is able to analyze qualitative data from text files, photos and more

python celery

Task management implementation for server and web apps written in the Python programming language


Make your web application more responsive while simultaneously analyzing user data and syncing design updates across multiple browsers

Word Cleaner - Word To HTML Converter

Convert batches of Word files, PDF files, and other text files to HTML, CSV, txt, or ePub