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Microsoft Office

Productivity software suite designed for all audiences for text, spreadsheet and slideshow document creation

Office 365

Host, edit and manage office documents hosted remotely in a convenient cloud repository

Google Workspace

Spreadsheets, slides, interactive word processing, file sharing, and other digital office tools for Google users


Open source productivity suite with a document processor, spreadsheet software, and other office programs and apps


A productivity suite that allows users to create various types of documents with ease

WPS Office

A suite of productivity apps with Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS compatibility for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops

Microsoft 365

A suite that allows for small and medium-sized businesses to integrate a variety of solutions


Create research reports, spreadsheets, slideshow presentations, and more with a complete collection of office productivity programs from Corel

Polaris Office

An Office program that makes it simple to view, share and edit documents


Presentation software featuring Apple Pages, Apple Number, and Apple Keynote to create slideshows with illustrations and annotations