1. Office Software


An intuitive platform for marketers and HR professionals to create surveys for customers and employees

Google Forms

Embedded forms for surveys and questionnaires that are simple to deploy and integrate with popular CRM tools

Google Docs

Simple, intuitive, powerful collaboration software for teams to share spreadsheets, text documents, and slideshow presentations


Digital slide maker and presentation software solution for pitch decks, lectures, proposals, reports, and assignments

Dropbox Paper

A collaborative office software solution that allows users to edit documents from any work device

Microsoft PowerPoint

Commercial-grade presentation software that allows you to manipulate cards and slides easily

Microsoft Office

Productivity software suite designed for all audiences for text, spreadsheet and slideshow document creation

Google Slides

An alternative to PowerPoint, integrated with Google, that allows for the designs of sleek presentations


A video and image capturing program that gives you complete control of what is captured

Qualtrics Core XM

A market research platform that produces actionable insights and detailed metrics on current trends