1. Marketing Software


A mail campaign software that comes with a variety of data, analytics, and design options


Advanced e-mail marketing software built for multichannel advertising campaigns and customer retention efforts at scale

HubSpot Marketing Hub

Multi-channel marketing automation for with social media integrations and PPC solutions for large brands and small businesses alike

Google Analytics

Google's most popular analytics platform to help business owners optimize conversions, increase advertising ROI, and track the performance of new marketing campaigns

Constant Contact

A drag-and-drop marketing campaign builder with an HTML-free email generator and social media integrations on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter


Social media marketing with advanced analytics, automated post scheduling, and multi-platform messaging capabilities from one interface

Marketo Engage

Drive more demand by personalizing every aspect of your customer experience from the first to cold call to the last follow-up

Zoho Social

Powerful set of digital tools to manage and monitor social media communications and overall engagement


Automate the customer journey for all of your Salesforce prospects without having to write any code or do complicated integrations


Thorough event management platform featuring plenty of resources for hosts, organizers, suppliers and attendees alike