1. IT Infrastructure Software

Windows 8

A major release of the most popular operating system with Live Tiles and touchscreen optimizations


Simple and secure data and detailed analytics make this platform stand out among the data-management genre


Server operating system that aims for 100 percent Red Hat package compatibility


Remote support that helps professionals clear up any issues they may be having with business

Google Compute Engine

Powerful Infrastructure as a Service platform for the development of cloud projects on multiple virtual machines

Sumo Logic

Manage your organization's digital transformation by organizing every department's app usage to keep SaaS subscription fees under control

Toad For Oracle

A tool for DBAs and analysts who require an automated tool for managing databases

DigitalOcean Droplets

Manage and deploy cloud-based virtual servers from a simple dashboard that offers advanced customization options


Cloud application and integration solution for large enterprises that seek to connect all online platforms


Create VMs and run other guest OSes inside of them right on your desktop screen