1. IT Infrastructure Software

Zoho Assist

A remote access platform designed for busy IT teams who need to quickly assist their customers

HubSpot Operations Hub

Cloud connector that allows automatic data synchronization between apps; now part of HubSpot Operations


Digital connector service for NetSuite cloud applications, productivity systems, and other enterprise SaaS solutions

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)

This allows you to partition part of your virtual space for testing websites, applications and more


Enterprise cloud hosting, data management, and third-party data provider services for large companies and small businesses

Splunk Enterprise

An analysis tool that helps you collect information on machine data for better decisions

New Relic One

A cloud-based software development platform that helps you make and test programs

Google BigQuery

A platform as a service designed for server-less data storage intended for analysis by clients

Splashtop Business Access

A remote access solutions to help teams collaborate more effectively and make it easier for IT administrators to manage permissions

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

Graphical cloud-based database management for organizations of nearly any size