1. HR Software


Oversee efforts to maintain workplace compliances with comprehensive documentation covering regulatory responsibilities and HR rules


Create digital celebration cards for social groups, co-workers, friends, and family

ePro Scheduler Plus

Cut down on employee absenteeism with streamlined scheduling tools, digital time tracking, and embedded payroll services

ZUUS Workforce

A management tool that specializes in restaurants and is able to cut labor costs

TimeForge Attendance

Online tool designed to keep work attendance and time punch data for businesses and organizations


Application change management solution designed with the needs of sophisticated developers in mind

Allstate Identity Protection

Credit report monitoring, social media monitoring, and other identity protection services to keep your personal data safe online


Optimize payroll functions and HR operations with detail-oriented software that emphasizes a positive customer experience


Web-based timesheet tracker and schedule management platform with access to pay stubs and expense reports


Budget-friendly HR software for small businesses, medium-sized enterprises, and startups that need to recruit fast