1. HR Software


An online job board aggregator that lets prospective employees submit their resume with just one click


Spreadsheet-free human resources software that lives in the cloud and provides self-service reporting for employees


Talent and applicant management system for companies that employ and need to hire thousands of employees


This lowers your vendor fees while also giving you rewards based on points earned


A team development program that allows managers to keep track of teams as they grow and change

LinkedIn Job Search

Online service intended for registered users to search for new employment

Oracle PeopleSoft

Run your HR department in the cloud with efficient database systems and a large ecosystem of apps

Humanity Scheduling

Easy time-tracking software to help managers optimize labor costs and help employees manage vacation time

Ceridian Dayforce

Adaptive human capital management software that helps HR directors achieve quantifiable objectives in the workplace


A motivational program that improves employee happiness so that they are more productive