1. HR Software

Paychex Flex

Paychex Flex is a flexible human resources solutions that grows with your business to provide scalable administration services.


Recruit the best talent with a CRM that's dedicated to helping HR managers find and retain top talent

Zoho Recruit

Candidate recruiting system for corporate HR departments and staffing agencies that need to track job applicants

Workday HCM

A unified business program that contains modules for scheduling, payroll, financial information and more


An employee recognition platform that helps management recognize star performers and administer public praise to high-performing team members

UKG Ready

HR solutions that let managers design the optimal employee journey and administer payroll with minimal paperwork required


A unique HR software suite that keeps all employee records in a single database


Manage your company's entire payroll, benefits packages, IT functions, and HR processes with a push-button digital platform


Benefits software system designed for Human Resources teams to streamline enrollment and overall management