A market intelligence search engine powered by artificial intelligence, used by over half of the S&P 500

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Business-centric app for businesses to gather analytic data and intelligence on other industries and companies

Bloomberg Terminal

Access the latest international bond yields, real-time news from the public equity markets, and other financial data with a dedicated research terminal

Refinitiv Eikon

Analyze all of your organization's financial data, stay updated with real-time market news, and connect with the leading financial professionals


Utilize extensive compilations of marketplace data to get an accurate assessment of current customer trends

S&P Capital IQ Platform

A suite of tools to help investors do financial due diligence and analyze historical investment performance


Backtest your trading strategies, generate potential strategies, and analyze years of data from the world's financial markets


A streamlined financial information database that smartly guides you to the most critical data for your investments


Manage substantial quantities of financial data and securely transfer all account information between private servers

An investor suite that has many tools for analyzing investments and improving overall gains