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Comprehensive online faxing solution that includes features such as Gmail integration and dedicated fax numbers


Send and receive facsimile messages without needing any antiquated hardware at all


Replace your physical fax machine and make your office completely paper-free with this convenient digital alternative

OpenText RightFax Fax Server

A centralized fax server that makes it simple to receive and read all your company faxes

Nextiva vFax

A digital faxing solution that allows you to send and collect faxes just like an email


Secure Internet fax client suitable for use in the healthcare market

eFax Corporate

Send and receive faxes with lower costs and less stress using this cloud-based conversion solution


Send a digital fax to any recipient without having to use an ancient fax machine


Free fax software for anybody in the United States and Canada who wants to effectively manage their digital communications


Established online service to for sending and receiving digital faxes from mobile apps or through Gmail