1. ERP Software


Online hub for government bidding on contracts from approved vendors as well as awarding contracts

The Neat Company

Minimize excess paper flow and heighten budgetary awareness with secure document digitization and organization services

WebTMA Solutions

Web-based system to manage and monitor physical IT assets throughout their entire business lifecycle

Global Cash Card

Card-based payroll solutions for companies that are looking to make employee compensation fully digital

ProConnect Tax Online

A tax program meant for small businesses that makes it simple and affordable to do taxes


A finance program for freelancers and entrepreneurs that balances income and taxes in seconds


A payment company portal that allows you to make large amounts of money domestically or internationally

Manage your accounts payable with A.I.-enabled revenue management software that eliminates over 90% of your manual data entry tasks


A platform that allows you to make custom invoices from hundreds of different templates


Financial management solution for businesses needing invoicing automation and more