Apps and widgets that can be easily embedded into any website

SquareUp Payment Method

A Magento integration for eCommerce stores that would like to let customers pay with Square


A cryptocurrency payment gateway with a software development kit and a comprehensive API that eCommerce businesses can use to let customers pay in Bitcoin


Online retail platform for the discounting, exchanging, and selling of store gift cards between consumers


Software as a service (SaaS) solution to help clients track shipments to clients worldwide


An online retail payment solution that lets shoppers purchase goods via monthly installment plans with 0% interest

WordPress Download Manager

Special WP plugin that enables digital e-commerce solutions for selling downloadable products such as MP3s

Route Shipping Protection

Optimize the post-purchase experience by replacing lost or stolen packages and giving customers a one-click reordering solution


E-commerce platform for B2B companies that need to streamline their product sales and marketing processes


Lock down your sales data and keep track of the only outlets your organization trusts