A multimedia lesson creator for educators to create more engaging learning modules and interactive exams for students

Pear Deck

Presentation software to help teachers create interactive, visually attractive lessons and engaging assignments for their students

Lumio by SMART Learning Suite

A digital learning platform that allows teachers to make and distribute engaging lessons


Teaching app designed for instructors who wish to craft a customized digital curriculum with ease


A puzzle-based learning management solution that helps keeps students engaged through video lessons

Top Hat

Classroom management and teacher-student communications for educators operating in the secondary school system.


Comprehensive curriculum management service that provides teachers with educational tools to help their students succeed

Discovery Education Inc

A digital content creator that publishes multimedia textbooks, materials for professional education courses, and K-12 curriculum materials


A STEM learning management platform to help students engage with cutting-edge math and science topics

Clever Portal

One simple login for students and teachers to access a variety of personalized learning management systems